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Sunday, January 16, 2011

59th Stop: New York City, NY (Part 2)

Louis was en route home and I was en route to meet up with my new host John Raekwon in Manhattan. Little did I know, however, that Raekwon was an alias from the famous rap group Wu Tang Clan...

When I got to John’s place and asked the doorman to ring up John Raekwon, he looked at me puzzled. “Are you sure about that name? The only Raekwon I know is the rapper!” Luckily, John called me at that instant so I handed over the phone to the doorman and was eventually sent upstairs.

John on the left next to friends
John was waiting there with his Swiss roommate and a friend. We chatted briefly about John’s work as a research scientist at Rockefeller University and then went to a gourmet potluck house party in Brooklyn. The host had one of the most impressive whiskey collections I’ve seen in a long time... in his bedroom closet! Thanks for the tasting and the party!

On Saturday, I made a tomato, sausage, and meatballs pasta dish that we greedily devoured after an early evening workout at the gym. Later that night, we went downtown to meet up with an old friend of mine from Brandeis University, Jason F., thanks to Facebook: you never really lose touch with your network like we did in the past. All you need is a name and a few other details to reconnect after 10 years... It was great meeting up with Jason and reminiscing about our freshman antics. He reminded me of one particular story that involved trapping a fart in a snapple bottle and sharing it with some unfortunate soul several hours later.

I had a fantastic time over the weekend with John, hearing a lot of interesting stories and laughing quite a bit. I definitely found a good friend and also the first member of the new CouchNetSurfers team. John will be eradicating malaria by couchsurfing throughout the year. Thanks again John for hosting me and for being a part of this initiative!

To be continued...

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