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Sunday, January 9, 2011

58th Stop: Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

Happy Birthday Louis!

Louis and I left Minneapolis for a weekend visit with my dad and his girlfriend Nan in Euless, Texas, smack in the middle of Dallas and Fort Worth. Lucky Louis got a second birthday party and cupcakes on arrival!

Cupcake down, one ice cream sundae to go

On Saturday, we went into Fort Worth for a walking tour of the city. Both Louis and I really enjoyed the beautiful water sculpture/architecture park. It’s so sad that a few years ago several people drowned in it. Fortunately, they made some changes so it isn’t as dangerous.
Chisholm Trail, Fort Worth

Please don't wear anything at all!
Water sculpture park
Afterwards, we went to a brewery event that I found out about on Every Wednesday and Saturday, the Rahr and Sons Brewing Company offers a tour, three pints of beer, and a souvenir glass for $7. The place was packed! A mix of bikers, hippies, college kids, and a rocking blues band. I thought I would never find the couchsurfers but they ended up finding me! We chatted a little bit and then left for the stockyards. Thanks for inviting us and pleasure meeting you Kimmie!

My dad, contemplating his next pint

We went for a walk through the stockyards to see the infamous Texas longhorns and their cowboys. I tried to convince Louis to go for a ride on the electronic bucking bull: "No way Daddy!"

Taking the longhorns for a stroll through town
For dinner, my dad and Nan took us to their favorite Italian restaurant... owned and operated by an Albanian!

We had a lovely visit and want to thank both Nan and my dad for having us.  That’s 3 more bednets for 3 more families--thanks again and see you soon in France!!!

Next stop: New York, NY!

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