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Thursday, January 6, 2011

57th Stop: Minneapolis, Minnesota (Part 3)

Louis versus the Volcano
After sending off Thomas and Co., Maria, Dave, and I met some of their friends for dinner at Mango Thai in Saint Paul. This is an excellent Thai restaurant that allows you to bring your own booze with no corking fee! I definitely recommend it if you’re in the neighborhood.

The next days, Louis and I spent at school, the pool, and playing with toys. He got his first swimming lesson at Lifetime Fitness, down the road from us. I also cruised through my book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which hi highly recommend if you enjoy a good cyber-punk cum S&M women’s rights crime thriller.

New Year's Celebration
On New Year’s Eve, I met up with Joe B., his girlfriend, and their friend Kat to ring in the new year in downtown Minneapolis. We were struck by fortune and misfortunate at the same time: we met at the right place but they entered another way and ended up shelling out $20 each as a cover fee. Fortunately, I went in the other way and didn’t have to pay... 2011is already shaping up to be a lucky year for me!

One night later in the week, I was showing my brother-in-law how works and happened upon Rebekah living in Lakeville. I sent her message asking if she wanted to meet for coffee or a drink. I had a response moments later and after a few more messages, was out the door to meet up at Babe’s!

Callie and Rebekah
I really enjoyed Rebekah’s company and her keen sense of humor. Later that week, she came over to play Scrabble and I’ll never forget the word she used when she lost: I got waffle-stomped. Maria, Dave, and I had never heard it before so we looked it up. ‘Waffle-stomp’ means to utterly defeat someone or be utterly defeated (in the case of Rebekah). There is however another definition. Check out definition number one here and tell me what you think ;-)

My friend Chuck-E
On the day before Louis and I left for Texas to see my dad and Nan, my mom threw a Chuck-E Cheese birthday party for Louis and my nephew Charlie. I remember being a kid and how magical stuff like this could be. Now, it’s not so much the fun and theatrics that appeals to an adult like me but the smiles on the kids faces the entire night. Thanks Mom for the party!

I want to thank Casey, Danny, Rita, Katherine, Maria, and Dave for hosting me over the past few weeks. That’s 20 bednets to protect 20 families from malaria for the next 5 years!

Next stop: Dallas, Texas!

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