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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

50th - 52nd Stops: Taupo, Rotorua & Raglan, New Zealand

After the glow worm caves, we set out for a day of hiking around Lake Taupo. Thanks Craig for pointing out this little-known hike through a fern tree forest to a beautiful secluded beach where we picnicked, sun-bathed and swam in a crystal clear blue lake.

On top of Lake Taupo
Joyce getting ready for a swim
We hit the road later in the afternoon and drove straight to Rotorua. This was Joyce’s last night with us so we went to Rotorua’s world-famous Polynesian Spa around 8 or 9 pm and soaked our aching bodies in alkaline and sulfur pools. The alkaline spa is good for your skin apparently while the sulfur is good for your joints.

Polynesian Spa by night

The last supper

The next morning, Joyce left us for Australia and Atma and I drove to Raglan. Raglan is another one of those world-famous spots, but this time for surfing! When I was in Madagascar, I met the Valérie, the sister of a surf school instructor named Fred who happened to be living in Raglan.

Fred told us to go to the Raglan Surf School and we got accommodations there. If you’re ever in Raglan, I definitely recommend this place. It’s similar to a youth hostel, nestled up a ravine in the mountains, overlooking the majestic Raglan coastline, and has a great communal area where you can meet lots of other travelers and surfers.
Chatting with Inès from France

By the time we got there, Fred had already left for the day. We got settled and then went into town for the Sunday Sessions, an outdoor reggae party under an early summer, afternoon sun.
Reggae Sunday Sessions
Feeling irie

World-famous Raglan break, not quite so famous surfer (me)
The next days Atma and I surfed and hung out with Daisy from Holland. Interestingly, Daisy had just arrived in NZ and was planning on woofing. Woofers work on farms in exchange for room and board and the chance to learn something new. Atma and I both had the same idea, at the same time: you should contact Craig! She eventually did and Craig told her that any friend of Atma and John is a friend of mine. Daisy would end up going to Craig’s and staying on for several months (easy to predict the future when you’re several months behind on your blog)!

Unfortunately, Fred was off the next days and had to make a trip with his boss so we never actually got to see each other! We did have fun shooting pool with Daisy though in town!

Pool party
By Tuesday, it was time to say goodbye to New Zealand. I was heading for North America and Atma for South America. Hopefully, we’ll cross paths again in Brazil!

Thanks to Joyce, Atma, Craig, Steve, Daisy, and everyone else I met in New Zealand. What a beautiful country, I’ll be back soon! Thanks also to Savitri from Simple Car Rentals for the excellent, friendly service!

Next stop: San Francisco!
On our way out of NZ :-( 

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