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Friday, December 3, 2010

49th Stop - Glow worm caves in Waitomo, New Zealand

 Atma and I left Steve’s place on Thursday, rented a car, picked up Joyce at the airport and headed south for Waitomo.

Right before leaving the Gold Coast, one of Michael’s friends recommended that I definitely go to the glow worm caves down in Waitomo. More importantly, he recommended the 5-hour black river abyss tour which consisted of one of the world’s longest abseils, a zip line descent into pitch black caves with no end in sight and glow worms on the ceiling that made you feel like you were entering into hyper drive, tube rafting in the caves, climbing up waterfalls and more. A truly unique adventure!

Afterwards, Joyce, Atma, and I went to Craig’s place (no relation whatsoever to his list) for dinner. Craig was hosting Atma and owns a cattle and sheep ranch with 1000s of acres of land and even more livestock. Atma made a delicious ziti dish, Joyce a caprese salad and I was in charge of roasting a leg of lamb.

Thanks Craig for having us over and showing us your ranch; what a beautiful sunset! Thanks to Joyce, Atma, and the other members of our caving group; I’ll never forget this adventure!

Next stops: Taupo and Rotorua!

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  1. it was such a great experience!
    And the world is becoming always smaller and smaller.
    It was great to meet you in Brazil and soon in Portugal! wow

    Have good surf in Campeche!


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