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Monday, November 8, 2010

42nd Stop - Osaka, Japan

Finally! I’d been impatiently looking forward to being in Osaka for about a year, ever since attending my first JCI World Congress in Tunisia. A great occasion to meet up with old and new friends from around the world. I’d be seeing people I met during the previous 5 months in Madagascar, South Africa, Morocco, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, India, and Germany... plus my good friend Jacob from Nice and Deni from Albania.

It’s hard to describe the magic of a World Congress while keeping it short and simple (sorry, trying to make these blogs less detailed). Imagine 10,000 young active citizens from around the world, an entire city with banners hanging from lamp posts to welcome you, the Dalai Lama and Prince of Japan meeting with members of your association, a privatized Universal Studios with no lines, great food and parties in sports stadiums, inspiring speakers, fascinating professional and personal development trainings... oh and a wee bit of sight-seeing.

I think the pictures speak for themselves:

Pre-conference sight-seeing with Jacob

Asia-Pacific Party with Jai from JCI India

Asia-Pacific Party with pretty Jaycees

JCI Morning Show with Alisa from JCI Newport Beach

Trade show with Maude from JCI Menton and Denisa

Osaka: thanks for the great weather!

Universal Studios with Jacob and Denisa

Japan Night at the Kyocera Dome

Karate kid

Osaka Castle

National President JCI France Nicolas Lefévère with Denisa and me

Kickin' it in the outfield

JCI Pays Niçois and special guests

JCI World President Rolan Kwemain with innocent bystanders

A big thanks to my local association, JCI Pays Niçois, for sponsoring my participation, along with Thea and Jacob, to promote the JCI Challenge next year. The dates have changed so make sure to check your calendars! The new dates are May 30 and 31.

I also want to thank the French delegation and in particular Kevin and Sonja for all the logistical planning before and during the congress. And congratulations to Nicolas Lefévère, JCI France’s 2010 National President for being named national president of the year by JCI World President Roland Kwemain. Finally, thanks to Jacob and Deni for making this time in Osaka so memorable.

Congratulations JCI Osaka and JCI Japan for hosting such a good congress.

Impatient once again to see you all again in Brussels for next year’s world congress!

Next stop: Hirakatashi, Japan!


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