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Monday, November 1, 2010

41st Stop - Denver, Colorado, USA

Wordfast Sno Cones
Where am I? What time is it? It’s not easy traveling through 16 time zones in less than a week and crossing an international dateline somewhere in between... The hardest part was the 4-hour delay in Seattle. It turned a 36-hour trip into 40 hours! First things first, find the hotel and go to bed.

I have to thank Wordfast tech support guru David, my roommate from the Czech Republic, for inspiring me to get out of bed and go to the hotel gym in the morning. Nothing like a workout, swim, and rooftop hot tub in the chilly Denver morning air to kickstart your day.

David catching up on the latest news
Thursday and Friday I helped man the Wordfast booth at the ATA Conference trade show. Wordfast definitely has the coolest giveaways at these things: winter hats and icy blue sno-cones! We met up with Jamie, another Wordfast trainer, his wife and others from her company, German Language Services, for dinner that evening at the Wynkoop, a great brewery/eatery for unique beers the next time you’re in Denver.

Interestingly, Virginia from Spain was in Denver for a company meeting at the same time so she popped in and joined us for a couple drinks! Great to see you again Virginia!

Friday night, Wordfast hosted a party at the Rock Bottom Brewery for conference attendees. It doesn’t take much more than free drinks and food to convince more than 100 people to show up. During the evening, we collected donations for bednets and managed to raise $125. Thanks to everyone who helped buy bednets and thanks to Wordfast for matching that amount. That’s 25 bednets and more than 25 families protected from malaria over the next 5 years.

Wordfast is always full of surprises
The trade show ended on Saturday afternoon, but I left too hastily because I forgot my computer charger! I went back to get it but someone had given it to the electrician. This person didn’t have it and no one was much help so I had to go out and buy a new charger. The drawback of having a Mac is that not many stores carry products for it. I had to go out to a suburban shopping mall to the Mac store, pick up an $85 charger and get back to town before the buses stopped :-(
Two smart cookies

I got back late but met up with two Fulbright scholars from Russia and the Ukraine, Ekaterina and Victoria, for dinner. Nice meeting both of you and good luck with your studies!

Explaining the in's and out's of Wordfast 

Sno Kones as snowballs melt in your hands, not in your mouth

Jamie and John cracking Wordfast

You too can be a part of the Wordfast gang

Wordfast party time!

I want to thank Wordfast and Kristyna for inviting me to attend this conference, for helping to raise funds during the party, and for the good times! I also want to thank David, my roommate for buying 5 nets and for the morning workout motivation! Thanks to all of you and see you soon I hope!

Next stop: Osaka, Japan!

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