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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Culture and Values

Brazilian soccerBefore this tour gets underway, I would like to share my views on culture and values. I like to define culture as a set of shared values within a given community. When we travel, we discover new cultures, and their values either correspond with or conflict with our own, leading us to call into question our own set of values. Our values change thanks to these cross-cultural exchanges, helping us to better understand others and what they appreciate in life.

This round the world trip embodies several values. These values, among others, are also shared by more than 200,000 JCI members around the world:

  1. Human life is world’s most precious resource
  2. Individual freedom and free enterprise are the best means of ensuring economic justice
  3. The brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations
Values don’t mean much unless they are transformed into acts. This year’s working theme for JCI is “the impact of ONE”. Each and everyone of us can create an impact in our communities to foster positive change. Working together, we can make an even greater impact around the world. I hope that this trip, the encounters, the exchanges, and the lives saved will help you appreciate these same values and encourage you to take action.

Once you know your values, and before you start taking action, its time to set some goals. Stay tuned for more on goal-setting...

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